31 days of gratitude {Happy Birthday Dad!}

Saturday was my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday dad! I am super grateful for you. It seems silly even to type “grateful” when I think about you because it seems hardly adequate. Remember when I left my Megan Doll at Sly Park and you drove all the way back to get her? I do.

Remember when I was little and we would have “book club” and we would read the same book then go to Coffee Republic and talk about it? I do.

Remember in High School, how we had Friday morning Starbucks dates? I do.

Remember when I was in college and you came to spend Easter with me? I do.

Remember right before I walked down the aisle and I started crying and you were super strong? Remember what you told me? I do.

Thank you for being there dad. And being invested. And for making sure that I knew that I was loved. So very loved.

Happy Birthday dad! I love you!


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