31 (or so) days to gratitude


I am so grateful for grace lately. Grace that washes over my soul like rain. That seeps into the cracks and crevasses of my soul and soaks my soul. I feel The Lord gently and slowly transforming my heart. And I’m grateful that He is being gentle with me right now. I’m not surprised because he knows me best, but grateful. He is showing me that His way is better. That His story is better.

The other day we were talking about stories with our Book Group and whether we would write a new story for ourselves, or a different story, or change a part of our story. My immediate thought was “Heck yes!” but then I played my story without those parts and there wasn’t a story. At least there wasn’t a good story.

Today I grateful for my story. I still think if I had written my story I would have left out the whole drowning in the Nile River part (I’ll tell you that part another day). But I didn’t write my story. The Perfect Author did. And He hasn’t shown me why yet, but I am learning to submit to the strokes of His pen. I am trying not to question or doubt. But I am grateful for His grace when I do.


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