30 days to gratitude

Today I was grateful for the breeze coming through my front window. I was deveining shrimp for the dinner my mom was making and the sun was setting. I love my kitchen window. In the morning when the sun in coming up and in the evening as the sun is setting. This evening the breeze was coming through the open window. It has been over 100* the last couple of days, and when you don’t have a/c that is hot. Anyway, the breeze was coming in the window and the sun was setting, and I was reminded of how faithful God is. He is faithful to bring cool after the heat. Calm after the storm.

And light after the dark. He is faithful and for that I am grateful.

Grateful that the breeze came sweeping in my kitchen window.

Grateful that my mom was cooking dinner.

Grateful that my husband was sitting on the couch.



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