31 days to gratitude

What a way to start 31 days of gratitude! Just going through my day, not really giving much rise to anything around me, I was smacked in the face with this. Don’t get me wrong, I gave extra attention to the hummingbird pollinating my lime tree and lavender, but didn’t even give a thought to thanking the Lord for the faithfulness of the hummingbird pollinating my yard. But then, as my mom, husband and I were going to pick up dinner at a favorite Thai restaurant, we stumbled upon this beautiful sight.

I couldn’t do anything but stop and be grateful. Grateful for the faithfulness of my God to cause the sun to rise and set everyday. Grateful for my amazing husband who loves me everyday. Grateful for my mom visiting. Grateful that my God has painted the skies with colors more vivid than anything you can find in a box of crayons.


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