Montana 2012 {and The Grand Tetons}

We have been back from vacation for about a month now, and I am finally getting around to sharing some pictures with you. We went to my Grandma’s cabin in Montana and got to spend some time with my Aunt and Uncle and Grandma. We did a lot of relaxing and fishing, so we didn’t get a chance to take many pictures. For hubby’s birthday in August, my parents, his parents and I all got him fly fishing gear. When we weren’t on the river {Hubby} or napping {me} we made sure to do all of our favorite Montana things. The things we talk about all year long and anticipate for months before we go again. We had the best Moscow Mules at the Happy Hour, visited Bozeman, saw a show at the Playmill Theater, ate our weight in Wilcoxson’s, visited the butcher in Ennis and ate the best Tapas {in West Yellowstone that is}.


I really debated putting this picture here, but it was our family picture, while on vacation. Complete with Skye, who did not want her picture taken.

I went on my first float trip with hubby. Our guide has been guiding trips for our family for forever. He had fished many times with my grandfather, and I was super sentimental all day about spending the day in the same float boat floating down the same river that my grandfather had floated so many times. I always miss him so much when we go to Montana. I was constantly telling Hubby stories about spending time there with my grandfather when I was little.


I cast the bamboo rod that my grandfather had made for me a couple of times. {It even has my name on it}


I caught all whitefish that day, and was not allowed to touch them because they are native and you must be very careful in how you handle them. I was okay with it because let me tell you, he was UGLY.


Hubby spent the day catching b.e.a.utiful rainbows.



Like I said




After spending a week in Montana, we packed up and headed for Jackson, Wyoming and The Grand Tetons. We took this picture when we first saw them, little did we know how close we would get and just how beautiful they really were.

We packed a picnic to String Lake at the base of the beautiful mountains one day. We sat with our feet in the water marveling over how beautiful it was. I felt like I was in Disneyland, it was so beautiful. That was until the Europeans paddle boarded by in their speedos… Could have done without that…



We were graced with the most beautiful sunrise as we left Jackson and headed home. As sad as we were to be heading back to “real life”, we realized that we really like our “real life”.



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