Happy Birthday Hubby!


Happy Birthday Love!!! You are my favorite person in the whole world and rock my socks right on off. In honor of your 28th birthday I sharing 28 of my favorite things about you!

1. You love Jesus with your whole being and following Him is never a question.

2. You love me with your whole heart.

3. You love taking pictures of us squeezing together holding the camera with one hand. Even if someone else offers to take the picture for us. (See above picture)

4. You set up the coffee maker before you go to bed so that the coffee is ready as soon as I get up.

5. You take the dog out at night so that I don’t have to go out in the dark.

6. You always encourage me to face my fears. ALWAYS.

7. You don’t shave your face on vacation. (See above picture) Lucky for us, vacation starts on Saturday!

8. You make dates with me a priority and then tell me later how much you loved our time.

9. Your new found love of fly fishing. I am so grateful that you are so excited to pursue a Mentink family tradition.

10. Your support of my homesteading adventures. Even though our towels are extra crunchy after week one of line drying.

11. The way other men admire you.

12. Your love of great coffee and commitment to keep me caffeinated.

13. Your love for spontaneous adventures.

14. Your crazy Spikeball skills.

15. That you always call me on your lunch break to ask how my day is going.

16. Your love for things with rust and stories.

17. You aren’t afraid to try new things.

18. You do everything in your life with the upmost integrity.

19. You are intentional in your pursuit of me everyday.

20. Your blue eyes. I mean seriously!

21. You make the meanest chicken quinoa bowl around.

22. You can fix anything after a little research.

23. Your bravery when I am scared. Like when I got the spinal tap.

24. The way you make me feel like the most important person on the entire planet. Ever.

25. You not only tell me I’m beautiful on a daily basis, you make me feel it too.

26. Your excitement to go to my favorite place in the world for vacation 2 years in a row.

27. That you bought me a christmas tree last year even though we didn’t have running water.

28. That you have chosen me to love everyday for the rest of your life.

I love you to pieces Stephen McQuay Cairns!


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