I love Mod Podge

I love Mod Podge! My grandma has a recipe box covered in vegetable can labels. I love that Mod Podge transformed an ugly metal box into something beautiful! Whenever I have something that is a little less than beautiful, I pull out my bottle of Mod Podge and start sticking paper to it. I have salvaged a couple of pieces of furniture around here that I felt were less than beautiful. 

This bookcase has moved with me since my sophomore year of college. 5 houses and 2 storage units. It has been used as an entertainment center, bookcase, and storage unit in our laundry room. Needless to say, it was looking a little worse for the wear. So I bought an old dictionary at a thrift store and went for it.

I chose the pages that had the images in it to add a little visual interest. There really isn’t any rhyme or reason to it, I put the pages on in a pretty random way and I think that it looks great! It makes me really happy!

Now enter, the ugly wine rack. This wine rack had lived with Steve in his bachelor pad and came to our nest as an unfinished rough wood wine rack. I spray painted it black at our old house and used it as an end table.

I was unhappy with the top though. So I bought a world map went for it!

The map wrinkled a little, but I think it looks antiqued. Right? I love the pop of color.

It went from being a boring and frankly ugly piece of furniture to a lovely eclectic side table. The wine bottles in this photo, have migrated into the wine rack in our kitchen and we now have a simple end table.  Mod Podge makes even the most boring cookie cutter furniture unique and beautiful!

I have an ugly metal filing cabinet that might be getting plastered with pictures I’ve been saving from Patagonia catalogues for years. Grab a bottle of Mod Podge and join me why don’t you!


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