life rearranged

Hi friends! I am so sorry that I have been missing over here for a while! We have been having some unfortunate health issues over here lately. Hubby rolled his ankle while playing basketball, and was on crutches. The Dr. could not believe that he hadn’t broken his ankle due to how swollen it was. Needless to say he was on crutches for awhile. And of course, as soon as he gave up the crutches I cut my hand up while washing a glass that broke and of course it was at 10:45 at night so we had to go to the hospital to get stitches… And then I got salivary gland stones. Did you know that you could get salivary gland stones? Neither did I. Did you know that the treatment plan is to suck sour candies. Neither did I. Alright, so since that is all that you need to hear about that, I will share some Instagram pics with you today. I am liking up with Jeanette again! 

I love wreaths!

I think that it is so welcoming to have a wreath on your front door.

Especially if your front door is still not painted…

Hey, I’m too busy making wreaths, to paint the door.

This was a super easy Fourth of July wreath that I threw together with fabric scraps and pennies.

I didn’t have any buttons that matched.

The first day of warm sun around here I rushed outside to eat a Klondike bar while returning some emails.

I also got my first sunburn while enjoying my ice cream.

Really sunburned.

Easy nanny day.

The little boy I nanny got to spend the day watching tractors and eating Cheerios.

It was a really great day to be a one year old boy.

And an even better day to be a one year old boy’s nanny.

The first harvest from our garden.

A head of butter lettuce.

Our growing garden.

Even looking at this I need to give you another update, it has grown SO much since this photo!

Isn’t this the cutest little pineapple you’ve ever seen?

It’s the only little pineapple that I’ve ever seen!

Hubby and I took off for a stay-cation day to Cayucos, a little beach town north of us.

This smokehouse makes the best fish tacos I’ve ever eaten.


We did a little antiquing and found a couple of treasures.

I wish that milk men still delivered milk in glass bottles to your doorstep.

The coffee pot was my favorite find.

It is the exact same as my Dad’s camping coffee pot.

I cannot wait to enjoy some camp fire coffee while watching the sunrise.

We celebrated a little princesses fifth birthday with floating lanterns.

We also celebrated not burning our neighborhood down.

Hubby suggested we go across the street to see the neighbors new pet.

Not a new pet!

My friend Rachel came to visit with her brand new baby.

I took every opportunity I could to hold him.

He has the most amazing faces.

My mom took me to my favorite restaurant when she came to visit last weekend.

I am sorry to say that it was not the best meal that I have ever eaten there.

Happy Fourth!

Our growth group went to our local baseball game to start our independence day celebration.

I LOVE living in a small town!

Seriously love it!

Yesterday I color coded my books.

Do we love or hate?

Speaking of which, have you watched the HGTV show “Love it or List it”?

I love it!


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