Hello Monday {8 on 10 edition}

Hello summer weather.

{Hanging out with sweet friends at church.}

Hello camping with my family for Father’s Day.

{Lunch with hubby after church, thank you Chipotle for the two for one coupon!}

Hello lots of afternoon walks in the sunshine.

{Skye tagged along on our errands this weekend.}

Hello yummy summer fruit.

{My nine year old neighbor shared her cherries with me. }

Hello coffee by the campfire, I can not wait!

{2.5 pounds of spinach. That will last this paleo about a week.}

Hello fishing with the boys (hubby, dad, and bro).

{Walnuts grown in my Grandma’s orchard and shelled by me.}

Hello summer reading list getting LONG.

{Snacks ready for the week.}

Hello road trip with my hubby, I love to be his copilot.

{Ending the weekend with Moscow Mules and a movie.}

I’m linking up with Lisa to say Hello Monday and Rebekah to count 10, er 8, moments from the tenth of the month.


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