House Tour: Living Room

Today I am continuing my house tour by moving into the living room. I promised my cousin that I would show some more of the house. I have been hesitant to because well, it isn’t done. Not in a we own a house and I love decorating, it will never be done kind of way, but in a we just bought and renovated a house and there aren’t enough hours in a day/we needed a serious break after living here without running water for over  a month kind of a way. So since y’all love me and I promised myself that I could add updates as we finished things, I decided to keep moving on the tour. So here is our living room, it is right off the kitchen. We took down a wall between the kitchen and living room to open things up a bit and boy am I glad that we did. 

That open spot was a door, so the whole space was very closed off. Someday I promise to post all of the before and during pictures as well, but right now the chaos is a little too fresh. We ripped the wall out, put in a huge beam, and boy did it make all of the difference. The first picture would have been solid wall if it were still there.

This is our wall o’ love between the kitchen and living room. The french memo board matches the rest of a wall organizing set in the kitchen and displays baby announcements, wedding invitations, grad announcements, prayer cards for our friends who are missionaries and my favorite picture of my dad and I. It was taken right before our wedding, and I love it! The wreath I made from hearts cut out from magazines and pennies.

This is our entertainment center wall, the bookshelves hold lots of treasures- bits of decorations from our wedding, a Dr. Pepper crate hiding our electronics, pieces of my grandma’s tea set, bottle of wine that we drank for memorable occasions, favorite books and photo albums. I have dreams of making something for above the TV. Such as this


I’m still in the process of collecting enough scraps to get all 50 states.

We just hung this a couple of weekends ago. I’ve been dreaming about it and organizing it for a while. Again, still not finished, but on the wall.

This is our quiet time chair, smushed between two windows it is our favorite spot to curl up in the morning and spend some time with Jesus. Steve found the chair for me at a thrift store and I found that discontinued Pottery Barn slip cover online. Teamwork!

Not very exciting, but I LOVE our new front door. I am hoping to hang some hooks to the right to gather bags and coats and the such, but I haven’t found the perfect ones yet.

This little set up sits right next to our door and catches dog things, library books, returns, our mailbox that is waiting to be hung and knitting supplies. My mom bought me the mirror in Mexico a couple of years ago. I HAD to have it and she said as long as I would carry it back to the cruise ship she’d buy it for me. People it was heavy and we had walked quite a way from the cruise ship and I was scared by a very drunk man as we were going through the check to get back on the ship and hit myself in the face with the mirror breaking my sunglasses and leaving quite the bump above my eye. But you know what, I still love that mirror. Thank you for visiting!


3 thoughts on “House Tour: Living Room

  1. It looks great Em! I love rewarding your posts! I’ve been planning a wall of picture frames for a while too and seeing yours inspires me to finish mine! Love you!

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