Girls Weekend

This past weekend I headed to the mountains with my roommates from college. We get together once a year and it is such an amazing time of vulnerability and fun. We laugh we share and sometimes we even just sit. Whenever I get home, Husband always asks what we did and my response is “we talked.” I think he assumes that I am just tired or something so he settles for that answer, but always asks again, “what did you guys do?” to which the response is again, “we talked.” I assume the same thing is going on in his head that goes on in mine when I ask him what he is thinking about and he replies, “nothing.”  Every time we get together, I am amazed at how easily we fall back into our days of living together in the crazy college house. We are in such different places than we were in college, some of us are married, some of us own houses, some of us are doing what we actually studied to do in college (one of them isn’t me), one is getting her masters and one is having a baby. We talk about menu plans and lesson plans and five year plans. We talk about dreams and memories and fears and then there it is- transparency. It’s real, it’s raw, we are known by each other and deeply loved, and for moments, some just sips, and some gulps, grace. We are not alone, we are in it together and it is amazing. We were made to be in community, we were created for relationship, something inside of us does not work perfectly without it. We need it. And when we are together, we are able to share and I believe that in the sharing we stand together and fight Satan. We tell him that he doesn’t have a foothold, that he isn’t in control that he cannot isolate us in our fears and insecurities. We are Jesus’s not his and he doesn’t get to win. But we also have a darn good time!

Erin made us a delicious dinner from P-dub (The Pioneer Woman). She is cooking her way through P-dub’s cookbook and had been avoiding Chicken Spaghetti because it required her to piece a raw chicken, so I volunteered to hack the thing up for her, and she handled the rest. It was delicious. We went antiquing, got our toes done, and of course watched Tangled. We were a house full of diehard Disney fans. I mean diehard! Our first roommate outing, while we were still in the dorms was to Disneyland and we stayed for the whole shebang. 

People we were babies! I insisted we all wear pink… I thought that it would be cute… They were good sports, they always have been.

Our second year we were the ninja turtles and April for a costume party.

The last day we lived together. Sad!

Our first reunion.

Our second reunion.

Our third reunion.

And this year! Sorry it is so blurry, the lighting was no good in the restaurant. The one where we are in focus, we are all making weird faces, trust me, this one is better!

I am so very VERY thankful for these women!


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