Before & After- Kitchen Edition

We finally have internet- kind ‘a. So here goes, the first home reno post. Let us begin in the kitchen because well the sun coming in the window made me happy. You may need your sunglasses for the before pictures- the previous owners LOVED yellow. LOVED! I mean look at it, yellow stove, yellow walls, yellow window frames, yellow cabinets, yellow counter, yellow ceiling…

Don’t worry, they did not forget the inside of the cabinets. Let’s just say it was yellow and a little outdated. Not to mention that it was completely walled in with only a small pocket door, making it feel narrow and closed off. I love to cook, but I hate being by myself, so closed off was not quite what we were going for. My parents came into town for Thanksgiving and helped us conquer the demo. Now you will want to exchange your sunglasses for safety goggles, because friends it got dangerous.

We tore out the counters, backsplash, lower cabinets, and ripped the doors off of the upper cabinets. My mom also pulled two layers of shelf paper out of the cabinets, which judging by the style of both, had been there for quite awhile. They were down for so long, it took a hairdryer to melt them apart. It was quite a mess people!

Steve and my dad tore the wall down to the studs, but given that it was a load bearing wall, they had to leave the studs in until the contractor came, since we liked our ceiling eight feet above the floor, not on the floor. It already started to open the space up. The light fixture went as well.

A little in the process shot. New plaster on the walls, the stove against the wall instead of sticking out, and partially assembled (by us) cabinets.

Everything taped off for paint! I love the eerie diffused light from the paper on our new recessed lighting.

And now that you have been through the incredibly abbreviated version of the renovation of the kitchen… The AFTER! People, we did everything, painted every surface, a white ceiling, imagine that! The house had to be rewired, so while the electrician was here, we added some recessed lighting. The cabinets were from Ikea, we assembled and installed them ourselves. The HUGE farmhouse sink was also from Ikea, were a little obsessed. New counters and a tile backsplash. New floor, black and white check, a little tip of the hat to the houses 1953 beginnings. Here goes!

We really wanted to lighten things up! We painted the existing upper cabinets (minus the doors) white, I love the swooped detail above the sink. And the little shelves that I can fill with treasures. I have already changed them five times in the last few weeks. We left the cabinets open and I mixed up our white dishes with some colored accents. The best part was, when a friend was over she just grabbed a cup off of the shelf and helped herself to water! One of our prayers through this whole thing has been that God would make this His house and that His children would feel welcomed and cared for by being in it. I love that she felt comfortable enough in our house to help herself. Although we were planning to replace the stove that once felt old and outdated in its old yellow home, it now feels sunny and warm when surrounded by calmer colors. It also helps that I now know that the color is Harvest Gold, I can now appreciate the character. I can’t even believe that it was a once cramped and painfully intense yellow galley kitchen.


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