Moving Time

Alright, I know that it has been a while… A WHILE, but here I am. We close escrow in less than one week on our first house and so far I have packed about 10 boxes and two of them are too heavy to move from the spot in which they were packed. I want this blog to give an accurate depiction of who we are, not who I want the world to see us as, but who we really are. So we are going to be keeping it real around here. And real it should be, since the wonderful house we are buying was built in 1953 and was lovingly lived in by the same family until we move in, so it is need of some love to bring it into this century. I’ll just leave you with this teaser of what exists as of right now.

That’s right folks the kitchen is Y.E.L.L.O.W. Yellow walls, yellow stove, yellow cabinets, yellow counters, yellow ceiling, yellow window frames, yellow moldings. You get the picture. Please don’t mind the bottle of Bailey’s in the garbage, it belongs to the current tenants. We are so excited about this house and pray that it is place where God is glorified and and family is cherished.
But back to keeping it real, there is a toilet in the back of my car that is awaiting its new home and there it will stay until next week because what is the point to move it into our current home just to move again.
Stay tuned, I am excited to keep you posted on the happenings of our home.

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