San Diego

I know this is a slow attempt to blog about all of our crazy summer travels, but stick with me 🙂 After our amazing time in Seattle, a little less than 24 hours after flying back into San Jose, we had driven 3 hours, stopped by home, done laundry, repacked, driven 6 hours and were in San Diego to staff the San Diego Legacy Summer Project. It was AMAZING! Seriously, we loved it!

Goofy Group Picture

Me, Carly and Dina- Some sweet girls that I got to spend the summer with!

Dinner with Steve’s Bible Study Guys

The awesome Bible Study I got to lead with Carly

For our fun day during the trip, we went to SeaWorld

Watched Shamu amaze the crowd. How do they train a huge animal like that to do those tricks?

We spent a TON of time with these two- The MacMillans. We miss you two!

Visited the Polar Bears- Steve’s favorite!

I made a pressed penny, a favorite of mine!

And we took a picture with the Shamu Car

The view from our room, not too shabby 🙂

The sun setting over Mission Bay, we had an amazing time and were so blessed to get to spend the end of our time with Crusade on Sumer Project in San Diego!






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