My sweet husband gave me a trip to Seattle for my birthday last year and in the beginning of June I had the chance to cash it in. We had so much fun! And since we are self proclaimed foodies there was A LOT of yummy adventures in the foodie mecca.

We stayed in a very hip little boutique hotel with a Tom Douglas (the celebrity chef of Seattle) restaurant in the lobby, with another across the street and another next to that, and another next to that and another down a block. Needless to say, foodie mecca. I got hungry every time I got out of the elevator.

Our first stop was lunch at a really cool restaurant called, Fare Start where local chefs train disadvantaged people to have jobs in the food industry. It was delicious and our waitress was hilarious.

Because we wanted to have a way to remember all of the yummy places we went and we have a new camera we wanted to play with, you will be seeing a lot of pictures like this.

After a quick trip to Pikes Place market and a nap to ward off our O’dark-thirty flight, we headed to a sushi happy hour at Umi sushi. AMAZING!!! I loved every bite!

zAfter dinner we hiked a mile and a half uphill, because I had just stuffed my face with sushi and because I thought the walk would be good for us, to Kerry Park for the most amazing view of the skyline and Space Needle. We met a lot of dogs, watched an outdoor aerobics class, walked through a super posh Seattle neighborhood gawking over the houses and watched the sunset at another park before calling a cab to take us back to our hotel and most importantly dessert across the street.

We had to crop this funny because I was doing something funky with my hand… oh dear.

The next morning we set out on a tour of Pikes Place Market complete with mini donuts, flying fish, flowers and the most delicious macaroni and cheese.

The Seattle’s version of the “Gum Wall”- much grosser than SLO’s if you ask me.

Our next stop was Salumi Deli for delicious Italian sandwiches. The line was around the corner and there was a very pregnant woman inline in front of us, so we knew it would be great!

It was then onto the architectural portion of our tour starting with the Seattle Public Library by Rem Koolhaas

Then we went to Steven Holl’s Chapel of St. Ignatius at Seattle University.

After our 6.5 mile tour of Seattle, Husband took me out to an amazing dinner where he had one of the best wines he had ever tasted. Photographed here with the hot towels they brought us after the satay portion of our meal.

The next morning brought us to the Dahlia Bakery across the street from our hotel for fresh baked english muffin breakfast sandwiches. We then spent the day on the gourmet tour of Seattle followed by the new X men movie and the late night happy hour in the restaurant in the lobby of our hotel where we ate the most delicious baby lamb burgers.

The last day of our trip we boarded a ferry for Bainbridge Island. The Seattle skyline from the ferry was amazing.

As was the view of Bainbridge as we approached, there were a ton of beautiful cottages on the water. Forgive us for the lack of pictures on the island, we were too busy scarfing the best ice cream ever!

Before leaving we managed to try a couple more coffee shops! Forte, not our favorite, but I tried a very unique latte with cardamon in it.

 And Vivace, our favorite! Not to mention that it was right across from an REI flagship store.

Thank you Seattle! We had so much fun!!! And our taste buds were thoroughly entertained!


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