Showered in Love

A couple of weekends ago I was surrounded by so many women whom I love and admire. Women who have known me since I was an infant, women who have prayed for me, over me, and with me, women who have encouraged me, women who have challenged me, women who have shown me what it means to love Jesus and serve others. Women whom I greatly admire. Two women, who have known me for my entire life threw me a bridal shower last Saturday. It was so beautiful! I was so incredibly incredibly blessed!!! I was completely princess-ed out.

My glass was bejeweled…

and my head was crowned.

And I was surrounded by such such love!!!

My momma and I- We were so overwhelmed by all of the love and encouragement!!!

Some truly incredible women- Steve’s mom Chris, my Grandma, and Faye McFarland, a women who has been a missionary for longer than most of us have been alive.

Liz, Me, and Liz’s mom Peggy- Liz was one of my very good friends in high school

Jinny, my mom and I- Jinny’s daughter Addie and I have been friends since kindergarten

Laura and Jen have spent a lot of time investing me over the years and despite knowing all of the crazy things that go on in my head have even trusted me with their children on many occasions.

Me, Faye, Janice and Lorri friends of my mom’s who are now some of my favorite people in the world. Seriously, I could sit and talk to these women for hours

Even Emily Mentink Number 2 came to celebrate, we Emily Ms have to stick together.

Mrs. Rachel Tidwell, one of my college roommates (an attendee of AAGR), “swung by” since she was driving all over Northern California anyway 🙂 So grateful for her!

Brittany and her sister Alyssa- I had the awesome privilege of discipling Brittany throughout her college career and am so excited that she will be one of my bridesmaids.

Steve’s beautiful sisters Vanessa, Lisa and Jenn I am so excited to finally have some sisters! And three at once! Woohoo!!!

Abbie, Erica and Eryn who banned together to help their mom’s throw this beautiful shower! Abbie and Eryn thoroughly enjoyed rubbing all of the glittered wrapping paper all over themselves.

And finally… Denise and Tari, my second moms. I was so so blessed by the beautiful shower they held for me!

It was such and wonderful day and I was so filled with gratitude and love afterward that I couldn’t stop smiling! For some reason the shower made everything super real and exciting! I am so incredibly blessed by all of these women!!!


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