What the heck is AAGR you might ask… AAGR stands for Annual Avalon Girls Reunion, now two years strong, one of my favorite parts of the year. Approximately 5 years ago, when venturing into my new life in San Luis Obispo I met five of my favorite women in the world. Erin and Lindsay lived across the hall from me in the dorms, Elise and I met during orientation week at the College of Architecture lecture, and Rachel got into my car, not knowing me to go to the Freshman welcome dinner for Campus Crusade for Christ.  And thus began our group. Over the years we have been on so many adventures. We went to Disneyland together Freshman year, it was my idea that we should all wear pink, I thought it was a really good idea at the time, so we wouldn’t… I don’t know… get lost or something… We moved off of campus together into the yellow house on Avalon Street (hence the Avalon Girls). We had kitchen/living room dance parties a plenty. We dissolved into many laughing fits when we were too tired to studying. We ate more finals-week-pancakes than anyone I have ever met. We encouraged each other to love Jesus more everyday and we held each other accountable. Almost every one of my college memories has at least one of these girls in it. After our third year of school we each set out on grand adventures. Rachel got married, Elise and Lindsay went to serve Jesus in a far away land, Erin went to Spain to learn Spanish, and I went to Colorado Springs to serve with a missions organization and spent a month in Africa. After that first year away we started AAGR. We HAD to see each other. The first reunion was held in our beloved San Luis Obispo and consisted almost entirely of talking. In the year that followed our first reunion Erin got married, I got engaged and Lindsay and I graduated from Cal Poly. SO much happens in a year. The first week of August we reunited again. This time in Redondo Beach. We talked, laid on the beach, talked, ate, talked, got dressed up, talked, ate, talked… you get the picture. It was wonderful. I love these girls so much and am so encouraged by them! AAGR #2 was a blast! Now forgive me ladies for the pictures posted, but here goes a picture per year.

Freshman year at Disneyland… In our pink 🙂

Sophomore year, our alternate identities… Ninja Turtles

Junior year, the last night we were all in the house 😦 I think we ate Chinese food at the coffee table for dinner and tried to relive all of our favorite memories in the span of the night.

AAGR #1, celebrating all that God had done in a year and anticipating all he would do in the next.

AAGR #2 such a sweet time of talking about everything. So much has changed since Freshman year!


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