A Weekend in San Luis Obispo

So much to blog… Sorry I have been an absentee blogger. Yikes! Well look out for some posts. They may be out of order, my appologies!

A couple of weekends ago, slash the at the end of last month, (holy cow, the time is FLYING!!!) we went to San Luis Obispo for the weekend to attend the beautiful wedding of some friends. While we were in SLO we did some wedding planning, really we did some eating. Tasting is so far one of my favorite things about wedding planning.

I don’t even like cake, but these tastes at the bakery were so so so yummy!

Since we only had a couple of days to spend in our town, we wanted to make sure that we experienced some of our favorite SLO things. One of those things was an epic adventure to the Drive-Ins. We saw Despicable Me and brought our own stadium seating. It was such a fun night hanging out with friends. I have missed the amazing community that we have in SLO. I cannot wait to be back in the fall! I love that you need blankets and sweatshirts to be out at night during the summer on the Central Coast.

And, the reason for our journey… Mr and Mrs Matt Thiede!

We have been to so many of our friends weddings this summer and every time I am blown away by beautiful and “them” it was. This wedding was no exception, it was soooo Matt and Lauren. Matt’s stepfather married them and the ceremony was an incredibly encouraging picture of marriage. We are so excited for these two!

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding!

The sunset reflecting in the car window driving through the middle of the state. We had such a wonderful summer weekend away!


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